You'll find a lot of cloud web hosting suppliers on the market, yet the majority of them are resellers that have minimal resources, particularly when it comes to support. One way to distinguish them is the option to reach the company by phone. The type of support that you can have through this particular way of communication will vary based on the provider - some offer professional phone support, many others offer general and customer support only since some matters are more time-consuming and it is more convenient to be resolved with a trouble ticket, particularly when the situation needs to be escalated. Nonetheless, it is good to find that you can reach your website hosting provider because there're plenty of small-scale problems which can be managed effectively and timely with a phone call, not mentioning that you will be able to get additional information regarding the services even before you become a client.

Phone Support in Cloud Web Hosting

In case you decide to obtain one of our Linux cloud web hosting packages, you will be able to connect with our customer support crew over the phone for 14 hrs a day. We can help you choose the perfect package for your web sites because we think that it's better to discuss this kind of matters with a live person. If you already own an account, we're able to assist you with all of your sales/billing questions as well as general matters, even with some technical matters which don't need a long time or escalation to a system administrator since it'll be more appropriate to open a ticket for time-consuming problems so as to have all the communication in a single place. We have phone numbers in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia, so you'll be able to call the one you prefer and speak with one of our agents.

Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting

With 14 hours-a-day phone support, you can be sure that there will always be someone to help you when you have any queries about the semi-dedicated server plans that we provide. Whether you wish to find out more about the plans, you have a billing issue or some general issue, you can call us. Though some more technical problems may need a support ticket to give some time to our technical support crew to investigate, we can assist you with numerous tech questions over the phone as well, saving you precious time and efforts. As we have data centers on as many as 3 different continents - in the U.S.A., Great Britain and Australia, we have local telephone lines in these countries as well. If you're in a different country, we also have an international number where you're able to reach us.